Tavve PacketRanger compared to traditional UDP traffic brokers

It is time to replace your legacy UDP packet broker.


We like to call ourselves one of the best kept secrets in network optimization. Agility, discretion, and innovation are core to our ethos.

How Tavve enables Managed Services Providers to lower expenses, enhance security, and improve service delivery quality

What is the Problem? Some of the biggest challenges managed services providers (MSP) face impact their ability to maintain healthy […]

Tool Chaining with PacketRanger

Network and security operations teams, often referred to as NetOps and SecOps, have the difficult task of deploying and managing a complicated tools environment that is constantly evolving to meet the increasing demand for better network service and security assurance.

Filter out unwanted NetFlow with PacketRanger

Security and operations teams are under heavy pressure to protect their networks against increasingly complex security breaches. Cyberattacks inflict trillions of dollars in damages per year, making network security a top priority.


The proven network security solution that bridges the gap between security demands and network operations needs, delivering rapid deep packet inspection and validation, without the complexity, cost, and risk of maintaining firewall rules.


Enhance data-driven decision making power with innovative, simplified network management


The intelligent UDP packet broker that drives management application savings and improves data-driven decision making via embedded analytics.

Detect Security Threats Before They Happen With Tavve’s PacketRanger

Managing network security in this risky environment is no easy task and teams are drowning in security alerts. Without a reliable way to detect anomalies and threats to their networks, teams are forced to react to incidents and fix breaches after they occur.

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