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Detect Security Threats Before They Happen With Tavve’s PacketRanger

Increase and Optimize Network Visibility with Newly Released Statistical Analysis Feature 

Security and operations teams are under heavy pressure to protect their networks against increasingly complex security breaches. Now the fastest growing crime, cyberattacks are projected to inflict upwards of $6 trillion in damages this year alone, making network security a top priority and a continuing challenge around the globe.

Managing network security in this risky environment is no easy task and teams are drowning in security alerts. Without a reliable way to detect anomalies and threats to their networks, teams are forced to react to incidents and fix breaches after they occur. What’s more, their systems often lack the ability to identify repeat traffic before it is indexed into a unified pool, making individual log volumes difficult to detect. Tavve’s PacketRanger enables teams to be proactive instead of reactive. 

More organizations, including financial institutions, government agencies, and large public utilities are looking to Tavve for technology and expertise to better manage their network security and protect their data. It’s for good reason: Tavve’s PacketRanger empowers teams to manage UDP traffic intelligently and efficiently, removing unnecessary point-to-point traffic on production environments and providing a reliable single-point solution to manage the constant change of UDP traffic flows.

PacketRanger Now Provides Statistical Analysis

As security management challenges evolve, so does Tavve’s solution. Today we announce a new Statistical Analysis feature in PacketRanger that offers increased visibility by solving a vexing problem—reducing Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC) burdens by tuning down noise. 

The new feature provides operators like you with a unique view of traffic flows, making it easier to detect individual log volume, gain deeper insights into traffic patterns, and unlock new efficiencies. In short, it empowers you to better protect your business and its bottom line.

Let’s take a closer at what PacketRanger’s Statistical Analysis feature can do:

  • Capture various processing metrics to determine anomalous behaviors for devices sending traffic to the PacketRanger.
  • Effortlessly identify traffic paths and historic trends through intuitive graphing solutions. Verify device traffic output and benchmarks.
  • Deep dive into recurrent Syslog and Trap packets for each source device.
  • Determine supererogatory packets sent to Network Management Systems and create rules to reduce noise and network management costs.
  • Visualize your noisiest log sources for faster troubleshooting and triage.
  • Spot variances in your typical traffic patterns that can signal application changes or malicious behavior.
  • Send only the log sources and packets you need to reduce your storage costs in platforms like Splunk.

A well-managed network is a large component of improving security practices. Having a well-managed network means being able to spot irregularities with ease before they become issues. Confidently manage your network with Tavve.  

In addition to products Tavve also offers industry-leading expertise and consulting services for smooth, seamless integration.

Click here to learn more about how Tavve can help your organization better manage its network security. 

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