Tavve launches PacketRanger 2.0 with NetFlow filtering

Charlotte, June 17, 2022

Today, Tavve announced General Availability of PacketRanger 2.0.  PacketRanger is Tavve’s intelligent UDP packet broker for log and telemetry data that drives management application savings, reduces network congestion, simplifies network administration, and improves datadriven decision making via embedded analytics (https://tavve.com/solutions/packet-ranger/).  PacketRanger is a trusted solution for any size network across many industries, and especially within the financial services and healthcare sectors.

New in PacketRanger 2.0:

  • NetFlow Filtering for v5, v9, and IPFIX.
  • Enable enterprises to allow/transform SysLog RFC 5424 packets with invalid time stamps.
  • Middleware updates for Tomcat, Felix, Java, and Log4j.
  • Performance enhancements for packet forwarding that improves how flow protocols are evaluated.  Generic UDP traffic is now processed separately from other flow traffic, which also improves statistical analysis.
  • Statistical analysis improvement for environments with high quantities of source devices where the inbound minute queue was processed in a random order.

Tavve, working closely with its customers, identified a need for increased capability in managing NetFlow traffic.  PacketRanger already had the capability to broker NetFlow packets across the network and forward those packets to any number of management applications.  PacketRanger 2.0 is now capable of filter NetFlow using user defined rules.  PacketRanger’s NetFlow capabilities are summarized as per below.

NetFlow Packet Forwarding Rules:

  • Local port of the PacketRanger listens for NetFlow traffic (traffic received on this Port is expected to be NetFlow v5, or v9, or v10/IPFIX).
  • Source address of the NetFlow packet (the NetFlow exporter).
  • Destination host(s) or Destination Group to which PacketRanger will forward the NetFlow traffic.
  • Destination port on the destination host to which the PacketRanger will forward the NetFlow traffic.
  • NetFlow filter to be associated with NetFlow forwarding rule (default is Forward All Flows).

NetFlow Packet Forwarding

Each NetFlow packet is tested separately against each NetFlow forwarding rule to determine how the packet is processed. The PacketRanger verifies that the NetFlow packet is valid, as indicated by the header, and that the source device (flow exporter) is defined in one or more of the NetFlow forwarding rules.

NetFlow Filtering

A NetFlow Filter is a defined set of conditions which may be created in PacketRanger to REMOVE data flow sets from a NetFlow packet before it is forwarded to the end destination.  NetFlow filters are configured and assigned to one or more NetFlow forwarding rules.

Tavve prides itself on enhancing its solutions based on their clients’ most important needs.  That flexibility and agility sets Tavve apart from its competition.  Visit www.tavve.com to learn more.