Simplify Network Management and Optimize Observability

Securely aggregate log and telemetry data for maximum value

Control Log and Telemetry Data

Centralize and capture disparate data traffic to provide valuable insights and organizational awareness of pertinent information.

Secure Network Management Traffic

Enable security posture at near zero device proximity to reduce risk and complexity for security operations and analysis.

Reduce Costs and Simplify Operations

Improve accountability while gaining financial leverage and flexibility regarding software licensing costs and vendor choice.

Reduce Your Firewall Attack Surface

Eliminate vulnerable access points and enable end-to-end encryption to facilitate device management in DMZs within the network.

Avoid Network and Management Application Vendor Lock-in

Easily manage vendor management applications and make switches without impacting your pre-existing network configurations.

Simplify Network Architecture and Increase Visibility

Gain more visibility into your data pipeline with advanced Statistical Analysis capabilities and gain valuable insights into unusual data influxes and device events.

Tavve's Impact

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Reduction in Network Congestion
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Average Software License Savings​
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Faster Troubleshooting

Network Optimization Solutions

Innovative software products providing cybersecurity and observability.

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The intelligent packet broker that drives management application savings
and improves data-driven decision making via
embedded analytics.
The proven network security solution that bridges the gap between security demands and network operations needs, delivering rapid deep packet inspection and validation, without the complexity, cost, and risk of maintaining firewall rules.
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Trusted For More Than 20 Years

With products deployed globally with clients worldwide, Tavve is solving network management and cost challenges faced by ever-expanding landscapes, including:

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Higher Education

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