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Tavve PacketRanger compared to traditional UDP traffic brokers

It is time to replace your legacy UDP packet broker.

The legacy UDP packet brokers are very similar indeed.  They are products that were developed in the last decade for one purpose only: to take a UDP packet in and simply forward it to a specific destination.  As management traffic has both increased in volume and complexity the inadequacy of these antiquated solutions is evident. No or limited: 

  • Intelligence 
  • Vizualization 
  • Internal redundancy / Virtual IP (VIP) option  
  • Statistical analysis to improve network observability 
  • Anomaly detection 
  • Kafka integration 
  • Filtering capabilities 
  • Number of forwarding rules per packet 
  • Throughput based on small packet size assumptions 

Organizations were left with no other options than to work within these limitations.  That is, until now. Meet Tavve’s PacketRanger, the intelligent UDP traffic broker, with best in class throughput, features and functionality.  Tavve is constantly innovating PacketRanger, a solution that is enjoying major investment because its purpose is critical to enterprises: 

  • Reduce licensing costs on cloud based management application licensing, such as Splunk. 
  • Lower network administration costs.  Countless network devices do not require configuration changes as a result of change in management applications, and vice versa, since the only change needed is in the PacketRanger. 
  • Ease and boost your ability to adhere to compliance requirements by aggregating all network management traffic and store them in the preferred location controlled by Compliance. 
  • Avoid network device and/or management application vendor lock in scenarios.  By placing PacketRanger in between network devices and management applications, enterprises can easily replace management applications or network devices with much reduced deployment / integration and change management effort. 
  • Improve Observability of your network.  Exponential growth of dataflow complicates data analysis and causes deteriorating of visibility in traffic management. Via PacketRanger statistical analysis and upcoming anomaly detection capabilities, an enterprise improves network visibility immediately by easily identifying which devices are the the top talkers and / or visualizing developing trap storms caused by which devices, resulting in swifter, better, and more proactive decision making. 

The below table compares PacketRanger with legacy UDP packet brokers: 

**Based on Tavve’s understanding of competitor products and customer feedback 

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