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Tavve’s ZoneRanger Adds Power

If you are in the networking industry, you understand how quickly data volumes are growing and that means needing management tools that can keep up.

ZoneRanger has two core competencies. First, it enables other vendors’ management software to work in and around your most secure areas such as the DMZ, extranet, untrusted, hostile, or remote network. And second, it significantly reduces the cost associated with managing firewall rules by providing a solution to securely manage devices located beyond the firewall.

As data volumes grow at exponential rates Tavve’s products must scale to match.

So today, ZoneRanger gets faster.

Tavve is proud to announce the next iteration of ZoneRanger. 

ZoneRanger maintains its industry leading position by offering twice the power of previous generations; up to 10,000 EPS per ZoneRanger. This allows our customers to use half the hardware footprint inside their most secure networks. Other features that were added in this release include:

  • Enhanced debugging with direct TCP Dumps  
  • Heightened security 
    • Stricter password requirements 
    • More restrictive HTTP/HTTPS headers 
    • SSH brute force protection 
    • Removal of TLS 1.1 

Improved UI focusing on easier rule management

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