About Tavve

We like to call ourselves one of the best kept secrets in network optimization. Agility, discretion, and innovation are core to our ethos.

In the digital age, information around the health of networking systems is as important as the data flowing through them. Our mission is to protect, collect, direct, and control network management traffic.

Our story began in 1998 as a result of a highly successful project to build a sophisticated network operations center for a multinational pharmaceutical company. From this project, a team of talented people and innovative solutions came together to become Tavve. The underpinning network management code that was developed then has evolved into the ZoneRanger.

ZoneRanger is a one-of-a-kind solution that enterprises and large institutions continue to rely on today to provide network operations with full visibility into their DMZs without compromising security requirements. As our flagship product, we have continued to adapt ZoneRanger’s features to the ever-changing landscape of firewalls and associated rule change management resolving network operation challenges. The latest enhancements include anomaly detection and statistical analysis of bi-directional traffic. As long as there is a need to operate DMZs as part of mission critical networks, there is a need for ZoneRanger to bridge the gap between security demands and operational needs.

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In addition to the ZoneRanger, in 2020 Tavve launched the first intelligent UDP director with next generation forwarding and replicating capabilities, in response to customer demand. UDP directors are critical to efficient and effective network and security operations. They enable control of the massive growth in management traffic within corporate networks, flooding their network and security management applications.

Our clients’ challenge is that traditional UDP directors are no longer evolving with their needs and are not prioritized in R&D budgets. That is where PacketRanger comes in.

PacketRanger stands out by staying on the cutting edge of features, such as its filtering and statistical analysis capabilities to drive improved observability and affordability. As with ZoneRanger, Tavve diligently works directly with our customers to continuously evolve PacketRanger’s roadmap to ensure we are delivering the features our customers need, when they need them.

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Our commitment to you is that we will continue to be relentless in our pursuit to evolve our products based on your specific needs.


With industry and vendor agnostic solutions utilized by clients worldwide, Tavve is solving network management challenges faced by an ever expanding variety of industries, including:

Higher Education
Managed Service Providers
Communication Service Providers